DTL Direct-To-Lift-Reload

DTL Direct-To-Lift-Reload

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Purchase day tickets

If you do not already have a DTL card, you will first need to purchase a day ticket. Click the button below to purchase your tickets now. After purchasing your tickets online, you will receive a confirmation email containing your activation codes. The email will look similar to below:

Activation Codes

Activation Codes

Visit the ticket window at Waterville Valley to pick up your DTL card. After you’ve picked up your card, you can register it for reloadable ticket access, and more. (see next steps)


If you have a valid Waterville Valley Pass Voucher, see below for activation codes.

Activation Code on a Ticket Voucher

Activation Code on a Ticket Voucher

*You can still purchase tickets in person at the ticket window if you wish.

*If you already have your DTL card, you can skip this step.

The ability to load/reload a card from an online purchase is still under development. Stay tuned for the launch date.

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How to register your DTL card

*Registration is optional, but if you wish to reload your DTL card online, you must register your card*

*Your card can be picked up at the Waterville Valley ticket office or authorized dealers.

Once you have your DTL card, click the button below to register.

Enter your name, email, create a password, and then enter your DTL card number. Season Pass holders can register the same way as those with a day ticket. Use this to track your season.

Your DTL card:

Your DTL RFID Card

Your DTL RFID Card

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Reload your DTL card from home

Want to ski at Waterville Valley again? Don’t wait in ticket lines, just log back in to or click the button below to load/reload your DTL card for future visits to Waterville Valley.


Track your stats

After you’ve registered your DTL card, sign back into your profile at or click the button below to track your season.

  • How many days you’ve skied at Waterville Valley

  • And More!

How to use your RFID Card and where to put it.

How to use your RFID Card and where to put it.