Waterville Valley Resort is committed to improving its environmental awareness while minimizing its impact on natural resources and the land. By treading lightly on the natural beauty of the White Mountain National Forest, we only improve the attractability of Waterville Valley as a very unique get-a-way for people now and long into the future. Our environmental efforts are not perfect but are ever evolving as our knowledge and financial resources, allow. Some of the efforts that the Resort is making follow:

Sustainable Slopes

Waterville Valley Resort is a member of the Sustainable Slopes Program of the National Ski Areas Association. Members pledge “to be leaders among outdoor recreation providers by managing our businesses in a way that demonstrates our commitment to environmental protection and stewardship while meeting public expectations. We are committed to improving environmental performance in all aspects of our operations and managing our areas to allow for their continued enjoyment by future generations.”

Water Resources

In agreement with the State of New Hampshire and the National Forest Service, and other federal agencies, the Resort monitors and limits water withdrawal for snowmaking in order to protect and maintain minimum stream flows in the Mad River.
The Resort is continually funding snowmaking upgrades to the most efficient systems available.
Waterless urinals have replaced older models in the base lodge men’s rooms.
Did You Know? 1 Waterless Urinal saves 20,000 to 45,000 gallons of water a year.
Guests staying in valley lodging properties are encouraged to reuse their linens and towels rather than having them laundered daily.
Did You Know? Linen & Towel Reuse Programs make a large environmental impact, saving an average of 6,000 gallons of water monthly (based on an average-sized 150 room hotel).
Best management practices are used to control water runoff and provide erosion control on the mountain.
Treated effluent from Town’s the award winning wastewater treatment plant is reused in snowmaking per agreement with state and federal agencies.

Energy Conservation

The Resort partners with Enernoc in a peak demand response program with New England ISO to shed electric load when the grid is nearing or exceeding peak in New England.
Waterville Valley Resort continues a program to replace older lighting with energy efficient alternatives.
Energy efficient snow guns are continually being added, replacing older energy consuming guns.
Variable Speed Drives have been added to snowmaking pumping to make the equipment operate more efficiently.
Shuttles are used to transport workers from outlying towns and guests from the accommodations in the valley to the mountain, thereby reducing the amount of automobile traffic and reducing the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere. Additionally, a policy limiting idling time is being implemented for vehicles, including guest cars and resort shuttles, in and around the base area, further reducing the amount of toxic pollutants that adversely affect the environment and human health.
Did You Know? Every 2 minutes of car idling consumes the same amount of gas required to drive approximately one mile. Every gallon of gasoline burned (both idling and driving) releases 20 pounds of carbon dioxide, making the transportation sector responsible for about a quarter of overall US carbon dioxide emissions.

Waste Management and Recycling

The Resort is working with the Town of Waterville Valley to implement single stream recycling during 2012.
The Resort is adopting a “Green” purchasing policy, choosing green products and partners wherever possible and appropriate.
The Resort is developing a waste reduction program.
We strive to make recycling easier and easier for our guests by providing numerous recycling containers throughout the resort.
Brochures, trail maps and other collateral used partially recycled paper, when available.
Did You Know? Most of our marketing materials are printed by R.C. Brayshaw & Co., Warner, NH, on paper manufactured by Monadnock Paper Mills, Bennington, NH. Monadnock papers are manufactured carbon neutral using 100% renewable electricity, half of which the company produces itself with its own low-impact hydroelectric power facility.
Cooking fats and oils are recycled by an outside vendor and returned to us to supplement heating fuel.
Employees are encouraged to use electronic filing and messaging rather than paper, whenever possible.

Fish and Wildlife

Waterville Valley works closely with the White Mountain National Forest specialists to protect and enhance the habitat for the Bicknell Thrush songbird, a high-elevation bird and the only bird endemic to the northeast region.
Other species of concern are taken into consideration as expansion projects on the mountain are considered.

Alternative Energy

Waterville Valley is actively looking into alternative energy sources including wind and solar as we look toward implementation of a new ten year Master Development Plan.