I’m getting a little ahead with the post for Wednesday to make sure no one is surprised by conditions and can plan accordingly. We’re in the process of bringing parts back from Maine for the cat but will be unable to get them put in place in time to groom for Wednesday. Luckily the sun will be back out and do some nice work for us softening the snow. With temperatures getting pretty low tonight I would give it until the afternoon to really warm and soften the trails. Trails that get the most sun should soften up first. Lower Osceola, Moose Run, and Wicked Easy should be good choices for early afternoon skiing.

Apologies for the lack of grooming. This is the time of year that equipment tends to get a little tired after the long season. We hope to be back in action to be able to do some grooming Wednesday night or Thursday morning.




Morning Update: The South End will be skiing on the previous groom as we have some repairs to do on the cat today. The Livermore Road side of the North End will be the best grooming for the day.

The Livermore side of the North End is freshly groomed for Tuesday except for Lower Snows. Expect some trails to remain firm for most of the day with temps expected to remain below freezing during the day. The sun may still soften a few spots enough to make them a touch sticky so use caution.

The Livermore Parking Lot is quite wet and icy right now so I’m recommending parking either in Town Square and skiing North or parking at the alpine area and skiing down Pipeline to access the North End.




Morning update: The Osceola/Tripoli side of the North End has the most grooming at the moment. We’ve also made our way down Swan’s Way to the South End to work on a few inner trails. Use caution in the tunnel on Village Trail.

It looks like we’re back to more wintry conditions for the next couple of days. Monday morning we’ll be doing a mix of grooming in the North and South Ends. If the snow fully firms up it may be slow going, but if it keeps some softness from the warm temps on Sunday we should be able to move right along. The coverage in the South End is starting to take a hit, mostly just seeing narrow sections at the moment. Use caution on ungroomed trails on Monday as we won’t see temps get quite high enough to fully soften the snow.




The North End will be groomed overnight and we’ll polish off most of the South End in the morning. Upper Criterion will be ungroomed for the day. Pond Loop is partially closed due to some wet and icy conditions in the tunnel by Packards Field. You can still access all South End trails via Pond Loop entering from the Teaching Area side.

Enjoy the snow!



With warmth and some overnight snow expected we’ll be limited to grooming on Saturday morning. We should still be able to get the vast majority of the system cleaned up. Cascade Brook will have a single pass and no set track and we’re going to skip a couple trails on the Osceola/Tripoli Rd side of the North End. Inner South End trails will be cat groomed and we’ll snowmobile groom the outer loop.

The snow may start to get a little sticky by the afternoon, but luckily we have more stock of F4/Universal glide wax just in time!

Enjoy your ski day,



Sorry about the switcharoo on Thursday with grooming the South vs North. This time of year is tricky with cold nights making for firm snow for a few hours and then spring conditions coming in but not always on every trail. It’s always best to be a little flexible if you can, sometimes even waiting 30 minutes can make all the difference. Or head to the sunniest trails first and let the shady trails warm up. We’re going to continue to groom as much as we can, but the more we can let mother nature help us out and stay off the thin spots with big machinery the longer we keep skiing!

It’s looking like we may pick up a little snow Thursday night before it switches over to the less desirable precipitation. If it looks like we’re going to end up with mostly snow/mixed precip then we’ll do a little snowmobile grooming mid-morning. Otherwise it’ll be a classic skiing day with the best conditions likely on the North End where it may stay a touch colder. Overall coverage continues to be excellent out there minus a few very obvious and avoidable thin spots.

May winter never end!


Thursday: Change of Plans

The North End looks to have held up nicely through the warm temps yesterday, so there will be no new groom on the North End trails. Watch for some slick spots if you’re skiing up there this morning, otherwise it should soften up nicely as we move into midday. We will instead be grooming on the South End this morning before the temps rise. Look for the fresh groom along Swans Way, Pond Loop, Snows Brook, and Figure 3. Happy Spring skiing!